Why Not Me? Why Not Us?

Why Not Me?  Why Not Us?

by Greg Gwin


Super Bowl winning quarterback Russell Wilson related that his father was a big encouragement to him in his early athletic endeavors. He would say: “Why not you, Russ?  Why not you?”  Wilson used those same words to motivate his teammates to an impressive victory in the biggest game of the year.  He challenged them by saying: “Why not us?”

Many of us could use that same concept to inspire us to greater service in the Lord’s Kingdom.  Think about it:

  • There is Bible class that needs to be taught.  Why not me?
  • There is a sick member or one who needs special help.  Why not me?
  • There are some rather menial ‘chores’ that need to be done around the church building.  Why not me?
  • There is a weak brother or sister who needs some real encouragement.  Why not me?

Or, on a collective congregational level:

  • The lost in our community need to be taught the precious saving gospel of our Lord.  Why not us?
  • Many churches are waffling on important doctrinal issues, and the truth needs to be defended.  Why not us?
  • Preachers need support to take the gospel to areas both home and abroad.  Why not us?


Hopefully we get the idea.  There is much to do, and we should not wait for others to step up to the challenges.  Why don’t we ‘pick up the ball’ and ‘run with it’?  Jesus urged His disciples to “lift up your eyes and look” (John 4:35).  We need to do the same.  

We can accomplish great things for God’s glory when we step out with the same confidence that Paul expressed: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Philippines 4:13).

So, why not me?  Why not us?  Think!